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The Rose Story
The Rose Initiative is a movement of young people to unify their voices around the hopeful message of the Gospel in response to abortion in America. We believe that the destruction that has occurred because of the devaluing of human life can be reversed by the healing message of Jesus Christ and spiritual awakening in America.

Rose began when a team of student leaders at Liberty University unified their school to be a voice for the unborn in 2009 around a campus movement to “Reclaim Our Sacred Existence.” Their goal was to educate, inspire, and unite the student voice of the world’s largest Christian university to confront what they realized to be the greatest social injustice of their day. The movement was launched with the Rose Pro-Life Conference which gathered an array of pro-life leaders including U.S. Congressmen, clergy, lawyers, medical professionals, and the former “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade. As a result of the conference, over 8,000 students united in their voices for what became the largest pro-life conference ever to take place on a college campus.

Since the movement began, students at Liberty University have embraced the sacredness of life in their society. College graduates have committed their careers to working in the pro-life movement. Women have changed their minds before walking into abortion clinics; and thousands of young people now see the heart of God for unborn life. Following the success of the Rose Initiative on a college campus, the movement to inspire the youth of a nation to reclaim the sacredness of life is now spreading across America.

The Initiative
The Rose Initiative is inspired by the ambition of seeing American youth embrace the sacredness of life and join the movement to restore it.

The Initiative is accomplished in three ways:
1. Transforming minds
2. Saving lives
3. Changing laws

Joining the Initiative involves three action components:
First, the movement channels young voices by compiling signatures and birthdates of members when they sign the Rose Declaration. The Rose Declaration is a document that embodies the core message of the movement to reclaim the sacredness of human life. The compiled signatures will be used as a visible demonstration of the united voices in this generation dedicated to upholding the dignity of human life. In January 2013, the names of each Rose Initiative member will be entered into the hearing records of the U.S. Congress to provide evidence of public support for the Prenatal Nondiscriminatory Act, one of the most progressive pro-life bills the nation has ever seen.

Second, the Rose Initiative will empower individuals to tangibly save specific lives of unborn babies by supporting pregnant teenagers who participate in designated maternity programs. This will be accomplished with the sale of “Reclaim Life” bracelets. Each bracelet displays the due date of a teenage mother who has chosen life. All bracelet proceeds help provide the physical and medical needs of the young mothers and will be worn until the due date on each bracelet.

Third, the Initiative will produce effective media tools to equip the younger generation with the information and inspiration needed to reclaim life in the coming years. The Initiative will also mobilize a groundswell of informed prayer among those who are currently unengaged on the issue. Each person’s commitment to join the Initiative will involve consistent prayer for spiritual awakening in America, for justice, and for the restoration of life’s sacred value. The Rose Initiative will equip these unified prayer warriors with relevant news and direction in their prayers via online messaging and inspiring video posts.

Joining the Rose Initiative is a declaration, not only that the sacredness of life should be restored in our day, but that it will. By helping us launch this campaign you are joining your voice with those of an entire generation that is resolved to see the day when all unborn life is sacred and the value of humanity is restored across America.


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